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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

On behalf of my co-founders – Mr. Paul Green & Mr. Ram Ragoo – it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I introduce you to our new association, United States of America Association of Cricket Officials (USAACO – This is a New Jersey based Not-for-Profit and US 501 [c] [7] organization (formally known as NJSCUA) created to serve the increasing need of highly qualified Umpires and Scorers across the USA.

We are very privileged to be here at a most auspicious time in history and to be affiliated with England and Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO). Our new association is uniquely positioned to play a significant supporting role in the development of top quality Umpires and Scorers in the USA. I am excited to serve as your President of USAACO and commit myself to serving this association with the highest level of integrity and principles to the best of my abilities.

The vision for USAACO is to make it a unrivaled association capable of delivering the most sophisticated platform for online training to members pursuing Umpires’ and Scorers’ certification, supplemental educational pursuits, and other enriching experiences (i.e. coaching and mentoring), and to take USAACO to a recognizable level by:

a) Operating for educational purposes for Cricket Officials, and shall have as its unique purpose to promote quality education, training and development of Cricket Umpire and Scorers as mandated by Cricket Laws, its Principles, and History.

b) To be the governing body for Cricket Officials namely, Umpires, Scorers, other Match Officials, etc., within the USA.

One of the main objectives this year is to increase the number of certified Umpires and Scorers throughout the USA. This will be accomplished by enacting a comprehensive training program, recruiting more members, building a collaborative environment that engenders a high performance culture, and executing a tight tactical and strategic roll-out plan that focuses on realistic timelines.

The ECB ACO Umpires’ Training course materials are already in our possession, which is a testament of ECB ACO’s unflinching support for our organization.

With full support from my co-founders and ECB ACO, I pledge to offer timely communication, an updated website, and a fair and amiable learning environment.

During 2015, the following two courses will be offered in the USA. Year 2016 will have more advanced courses.

1. ECB ACO Level 1 for Umpires’

2. ECB ACO Level 1 for Scorers’

Of importance, the materials and training will meet the strict requirements mandated by the ECB ACO standards and the same as offered throughout the UK and ICC-Europe Region.

Candidates would receive a certificate from ECB ACO after successful completion of every course/level, which goes without saying, is accepted world-wide.

Enrollment is effective immediately for the courses that will commence the 3rd week of February 2015.

(coming up soon) Additional information may be acquired from the FAQ regarding the courses. Please bookmark our website where you will find complete information about our association and course offerings.

Our affiliation offers a recognizable distinction that sets our association apart from those existing today. Highlights of the England and Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO) are as follows:

a) ECB Association of Cricket Officials represents Scorers and Umpires for and on behalf of the national governing body, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

b) ECB ACO is the membership organization responsible for the recruitment, training and development of all cricket officials. There are currently approximately 9,000 members from around the world making this the largest organization of Cricket officials in the world.

I would be remiss if I did not pay a special homage to those who supported, guided, and offered coaching in the development of our new association. The very existence of this organization would not be possible without the allegiance of the following individuals:

? Mr. Nick Cousins, SEO, ECB ACO – for his understanding and steadfast support in starting this new organization.
? Mr. Peter McKenzie, RAO, ECB ACO, Midlands – for his unwavering advice, support, and pivotal role in the formation of this organization
? (late) Mr. Graeme Lowrie, Timaru, New Zealand – who has been my personal umpiring coach, mentor, and someone who has immeasurably contributed to the cause of training on the Laws of Cricket, for audience worldwide.
? Mr. Ben Francis, ECB ACO Office – for believing and supporting the mission of this organization.
? Mr. Martin Gentle, ECB ACO Membership Manager – for his steadfast backing for accepting our members within a quick turnaround time.
? Mr. Geoffrey Trett & Mr. Peter Danks, ECB ACO Scorers Committee – for their assistance with the scoring course
? Mr. Doug Cowie, New Zealand, (Former) ICC Umpires’ Manager – for his operational assistance and guidance in aiding our umpires.
? Mr. Barry Rennie, CA Ump Trainer, WACA Umpiring Coordinator – for his assistance over the years to our umpires.
? My two co-founders - Mr. Ram Ragoo and Mr. Paul Green - without whose support and active interest, this venture would not have been possible.
? Finally, to everyone who have inspired us and guided us this far.

I thank you for your time and interest in joining our association and I welcome you as a new member to USAACO. I look forward to serving you well as the President of our new association. Should you require additional information, please contact me at

Warm regards,

~Deepak Katte

on behalf of Management Committee, USAACO

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